“ Royal Management really knows how to stay on top of things and get work done in an orderly manner. Thanks for everything! ”


“ You have made this building a better place. Thank you for everything you do. ”


We have broken down our services into four groups; Association Services, Financial Services, Tenant Services, and Emergency Services.


  • File Association's Records
  • Attend Quarterly Association Meetings
  • Monthly Management Reports and Recommendations
  • Assist the Boards of Associations with attaining, coordinating, and negotiating contracts with qualified independent contractors
  • Providing Bi-Lingual Service
  • ✓ Contact Board Members for Date Approval
    ✓ Send First Notice to Homeowners of Meeting Date and Attach a Notice of Intent to be
         a Candidate for the Board of Directors
    ✓ Send Second Notice with Enclosed Proxy and Envelope for Ballots

  • Advice on Preventive Maintenance options
  • Bi-weekly or weekly walk-through of building (as directed by the board)
  • 24 hour Emergency Service


  • Assistance in Preparation of Budgets and Reserves
  • Preparation of Monthly Financial Statements
  • Maintenance of Monthly Bookkeeping
  • The Use of TOPS Software, the most technologically advanced Software specifically geared towards Property Management, allowing us to keep an up to date and accurate Record of all Payments and Transactions for Each Owner.
  • Itemized Financial Statements Always Available to Owners Upon Request
  • Monthly Collection and Deposit of Assessments in Coordination with Bank Lock Box
  • Coordinate with Associationís Legal Counsel in Collection Notices
  • Our Services are Tax Deductible


  • Extensive Tenant Screening services including but not limited to:
  • ✓ County/Statewide Background Check
    ✓ Credit Report
    ✓ Employment Verification
    ✓ Eviction Records
    ✓ Tenant Bureau Report

  • Initiation of Eviction Actions (as needed)
  • ✓ Notify the Tenant that Eviction Process has begun
    ✓ Allow 3 Days for Response
    ✓ Proceed to Send Corresponding Paperwork to Attorney

  • Implementation and Enforcement of State, City and Community Rules and Regulations
  • Continuing Education on New Tenant Related Laws and all other Legal Issues
  • A Qualified In-House Sales and Leasing Team to Fill Vacancies


  • List of Emergency Contact Numbers provided to all Owners and/or Tenants
  • Walk Through Performed to Correct Potential Damage Prior to all Oncoming Storms and Hurricanes
  • Immediate Response to all Emergency Issues