How it all began

Dan Schapiro invested in several properties in the Miami Beach area. He felt as if he wasted a great deal of personal time trying to get issues resolved by the management companies. He sat on the condominium boards of his properties and went through many property management companies and was never pleased with the outcome. That was, until he came across The Seacoast Group, which was owned by David Raposo at the time. Although the services offered by the Seacoast Group were similar to those of other property management companies, Dan still chose to give them a try. Seacoast Group provided a one on one personal contact with their clients. That boutique style of management was exactly what he was looking for in his condominium associations. Dan and David later established a relationship and became good friends. They discussed each other’s business backgrounds and began to theorize on an idea that soon would become Royal Management Group.

Partner's backgrounds

Dan Schapiro’s background involves the financial industry including analytical research and analysis of major corporations. He then engaged in buying and selling condo conversions and individual properties, a small project he has been handling for over 15 years. Although he did not live in the South Florida area, he found himself buying most of his properties there.

David Raposo’s background involves family generations in the construction industry surrounded by general contractors, roofers, architects, engineers, and project managers. He has a great deal of knowledge in handling any problems that occur in the buildings and making decisions as to what measures should be taken to fix any obstacles that might arise.

After an abundance of meetings and discussions about each other’s backgrounds and experiences an opportunity arose to build a management company that suited people’s needs based on what they knew other property management companies lacked. There are no challenges they cannot overcome. The end result is a management company whose strengths are both financially and structurally sound in the field of property management founded in 2006.

Royal Management Group

What began as an idea between a management company and one of their clients is now a well established company managing various buildings in South Florida with a strong presence in South Beach. Royal customizes contracts to fit each building’s needs giving it the service necessary and leaving out any extra costs. Royal’s team has many unique and diversified backgrounds which makes it adaptable to its clients’ needs.