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about us

Royal Management Group appreciates you showing an interest in our business. Having over 20 years of experience working with a variety of properties the team at Royal is confident they can provide you with not only quality service but personalized service as well. Our company uses a distinct approach to make your experience as a renter or owner as satisfying as possible; we have your best interest at hand when managing your unit or units.



  • File Association's Records
  • Attend Quarterly Association Meetings
  • Monthly Management Reports and Recommendations
  • Assist the Boards of Associations with attaining, coordinating, and negotiating contracts with qualified independent contractors
  • Providing Bi-Lingual Service
  • ✓ Contact Board Members for Date Approval
    ✓ Send First Notice to Homeowners of Meeting Date and Attach a Notice of Intent to be
         a Candidate for the Board of Directors
    ✓ Send Second Notice with Enclosed Proxy and Envelope for Ballots

  • Advice on Preventive Maintenance options
  • Bi-weekly or weekly walk-through of building (as directed by the board)
  • 24 hour Emergency Service



Thank you for maintaining the apartment I love so diligently. Whenever I had a problem, you have been easy to reach and fix the problem immediately. I appreciate the fact that after you took care of my pest control problem, you called me to make sure the pests were completely gone. The group that you sent to get rid of the pests was very professional and efficient. I am pleased to say that I have not had any pest problems since.

– Tanya Cienfuegos

I would like to inform you that I am very happy with the work that Jeannie has been doing for us. I am proud to know that when something is asked of her she follows through and informs us very well of progress made.

– Pedro

I am deeply impressed by the way you guys handled my plumbing issue. I was certain it would never get fixed and I must admit I doubted you somewhat, but you proved to be a highly dependable crew.

– Martha

I just wanted to thank your realtors for helping me find the exact condo I wanted so fast. Your agent stayed in constant contact with me and found properties much faster than I thought. I'm extremely happy with my new place and I just wanted to express my appreciation for all of your professionalism.

– Cherly Cho

You did a great job in regards to out ATT problem. That's a great outcome. The Helen Mar condo is lucky to have you. Thanks for your persistence and hard work.

– John Stallard

By the way - you are, by far, the best property manager we've had at Ocean Blue. You have made this building a better place. Thank you for everything you do.

– Ken